About the Yankee Stoner

I feel as though I’m coming out of the smoked filled closet.
Yes, I am a pothead.  I’m in my fifties and I smoke weed.

I started smoking cannabis when I was twelve. With three older brothers and an entire generation smoking weed, it was only natural that I would try it. By the time I was eighteen I was smoking pot whenever I could…  cannabis became a large part of my life.

More than four decades later and I still smoke it.  To say that cannabis has impacted me negatively is up for debate. We don’t have the luxury of seeing my world without marijuana.

Cannabis should never have been made illegal. With countless dangerous influences and negative temptations in our world, it seems silly to single out a plant that has been used positively for thousands of years. The saddest part is the current culture of fear surrounding cannabis was manufactured by the American political machine. The only way the damage can be reversed is with some education and long denied research.

As a pot smoker, I am excited to see the cannabis laws changing. Even though there may be no reason marijuana should be illegal, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be regulated.

Cannabis needs to have stacks of regulations. Product purity, underage distribution, taxation, packaging… so many things to think about. As Massachusetts gets set to address legalization, I would hope we can remember some of the lessons we’ve learned from the tobacco and alcohol trade.

I will be watching the cannabis industry very closely. Along the way I’ll post “weed related” stuff from my past, present and future. I hope to share my experiences as I explore the emerging Cannabis Boom as well as offering my opinions and even some rants.

…puff, puff, pass…


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