Canna Cocoa

Warm milk maybe the traditional bedtime beverage but I have a recipe that might change the sleepytime game forever. The active ingredient in this hot drink is canna butter, regular unsalted butter infused with Cannabis.

Canna Butter

By now most of you should know something about Canna Butter. I won’t go into the Canna Butter making process here but I can say the Magical Butter unit an easy way to produce your own without much fuss. Yankee Stoner will revisit the Magical Butter system in a future post.

Magical Butter

Once you have the Canna Butter, it can be added to any number of edibles. I find this hot infusion of Canna Butter is the most effective way to consume Cannabis. Normally when I consume Cannabis I am always unsure whether I am feeling the effects. With this yummy drink, I feel the desired euphoria come on fast enough to ease my sleep issues.

This “Hot Snoopy” (see where I went there?) is simply a blended mixture of Almond Milk, Turmeric, Cocoa Powder and the Canna Butter. Adjust the measurements to suit you own tastes. We add a”shake” of the Turmeric and a mere teaspoon of powdered Cocoa to the pre-heated Almond Milk and plop in a hefty tablespoon of Canna Butter. Make this drink smooth and creamy by whipping up the hot concoction in a blender of some sort. We use our Nutribullet to achieve a super frothy treat. Drop in the necessary Marshmallow and you are on you way to Sleepyville.

Cannabis Drink

Like the famous Hot Toddy, there will always be room for recipe variations and the combinations could be endless. Cinnamon, Vanilla, maple syrup, other types of milk… the only limit is your taste buds. The Canna Butter adds its own unique flavor I find appealing so I like to limit additives.

You can substitute the Canna Butter with a Cannabis infused Coconut Oil (you can also make in a Magical Butter unit) for a equally yummy Vegan version of the drink.