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Another month, another awesome Reliable Bud BYOC event at Spencer fairgrounds. The spirit of “70s Flower Power” was in the air along with a whole lot of Cannabis smoke. If you haven’t been to one of these monthly celebration of all things Cannabis, you’re definitely missing out.

The flawless weather was perfect for hanging out with hundreds of my fellow Cannabis lovers. I knew this was going to be a big one when I saw the impressive number of cars in the parking lot. Just take a look at this 360 video that allows viewing of anywhere you would like to see of the event.

As usual, there was plenty of Cannabis products from local businesses. Each event brings more new vendors. There are some incredible growers out there as well as new and interesting products you’ll find at these Reliable Bud BYOC events first.

The next Reliable Bud “Bring Your Own Cannabis” party is on Saturday, October 13th at the Spencer Fairgrounds. Of course, its Halloween season so I expect there will be plenty of Tricks and Treats.

Reliable Bud Celebrates Cannapendence Day

If you haven’t been to one of these Reliable Bud events, you are missing out. As a cannabis enthusiast for over 40 years, the road to legalization has been a long one. Even though weed is legal, it is still somewhat hard to find resources or product. Reliable Bud events strip away all of the stigma and brings the Cannabis Lifestyle to the people. A Reliable Bud event offers education, entertainment and, of course, lots and lots of cannabis. Check out this video to see some of the fun:

Reliable Bud has done an incredible job bringing the Cannabis industry to Massachusetts. When at a Reliable Bud event, the freedom to enjoy cannabis in all its many forms is the primary goal, however, there is so much more.

Reliable Bud will be bringing more events to the Spencer Fairgrounds including the Maui Wowie Luau on August 18th. I’ll see you there.

Reliable Bud event

Reliable Bud Does It Again.

Reliable BudCannabis is legal, and this weekend the Stoners gathered again to celebrate their favorite plant. The Reliable Bud team has gone to great lengths to bring Cannabis to the people. Another jam-packed “We Love Our Buds” event in Spencer, Massachusetts last weekend has proven, once again, that Cannabis is here to stay. Billed as a “BYOC” – Bring Your Own Cannabis – there was no shortage of Cannabis to consume.

Reliable Bud event

These events illustrate just how much Cannabis means to Massachusetts. When legalization became a reality in this state, Reliable Bud went right to work bringing stoners together and celebrating all things Cannabis. Today Reliable Bud maintains a Cannabis networking and promotion machine aimed at keeping Cannabis companies and consumers connected. “We Love Our Buds” was a great example of Reliable Bud’s networking capabilities.

dab bar

Cannabis Moon RocksReliable Bud brought together so many different ways to consume Cannabis under one roof it was impossible to try it all. Vendors were eager to share everything from dabs to dog biscuits. There were so many high quality Cannabis flowers with countless jars displayed about the vendors’ tables with pride. The Yankee Stoner even got a chance to sample some of those yummy extra special Cannabis nuggets: Moon Rocks.

There was considerable growth among the many fledgling companies I met nearly a year ago. It was great to see many vendors returning with more product and even more enthusiasm. Reliable Bud is doing a great job keeping the Cannabis industry connected.

Make sure you check out the Reliable Bud website, like the Reliable Bud Facebook page AND get their mobile phone App. Keep connected so you won’t miss the next “We Love Our Buds” Cannabis event!

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Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Stoners are most famous for their love of food. This is so well known it has become the primary pot smoker’s behavior stereotype. As anyone who inhales can tell you, Cannabis just makes food taste better. How else could Taco Bell be revered as acceptable cuisine by thousands of stoners?

The Yankee Stoner is a lover of all things edible. I like to call myself a Multivore. Let me state right here that this is NOT a recommended diet but it can be a fun one. If a cool new snack food is released, I’m gonna try it. Like these reimagined classics right here…

Fudge Devil Dogs

One of the primary Stoner food groups: the Snack Cakes, Devil Dogs have always been a staple of the Drakes snack cake line. I grew up on these modified moon pie-like chocolate cake and crème creations. Shaped like a Hot Dog for easy handling and accurate gorging, Devil Dogs had one major flaw, however, they were as dry as a popcorn fart. Without a quart of milk to wash em down, Devil Dogs were nearly inedible.

Then Drakes covered them with fudge.

It makes one wonder what took them so long. These fudge covered yummers are freakin’ awesome. Put that milk away because this configuration of cake, cream and chocolate fudge creates the perfect balance of moisture and texture. Could this be the perfect stoner snack?

Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Spark one up and enjoy a box of the Fudge Covered Devil Dogs. Trust me on this one, they are good.

cannabis and food

RB Harvest “Buds” BYOC – September 30, 2017

Now that legalization is a reality here in Massachusetts, the cannabis entrepreneurs are starting to lineup and stake their claim. A large part of this new “Green Rush” will be more events featuring all aspects of the Cannabis culture and the multitude of Cannabis products. This particular event was put on by Reliable Bud, a network of local home growers, craftsmen, and cannabis enthusiasts.

What makes this event so awesome also makes me sad. I’m from Westborough, the first town to ban Cannabis and the Cannabis industry. As I gaze upon the many new businesses and smiling entrepreneurs, I can’t help but feel a bit left out. I’ve got to get out of Westborough if I want to be a part of the “Green Rush”.

Weed festival

It was an interesting collection of vendors, many out for their first cannabis event ever. I was both impressed and empowered by the pride and enthusiasm of the of the local cannabis growers. These pot farmers spoke of their flowers as if they were their own children.


Knowledge and Insight for the Home Grower – SeedsMA

Beautiful buds were lovingly displayed on every other vendor table. The quality and variety of cannabis flowers was impressive. There is no shortage of high quality cannabis grown right here in Massachusetts, I assure you.

cannabis flowers


cannabis for sale

cannabis nuggs

There were some great new products on display as well. Innovations for growers, sellers and consumers could be found alongside the farmers. I was very impressed with a Connecticut vaporizer manufacturer, Topstone Projects, with their very cool steampunk vape unit. The designer brought me outside for a test inhale and I can verify this well made vape is easy to use and very effective.

This particular September Saturday was cooler than it has been and the sky was threatening but that did nothing to discourage the potheads from gathering to enjoy 4:20 with their cannabis consuming friends from all over the Northeast. The Spencer Fairgrounds became one big smoldering blunt as the entire crowd simultaneously burned what they brought, including two Yankee Stoners.

The Yankee Stoner is looking forward to many more of these gatherings of like minded humans. We enjoyed making some new friends and sharing their passion for Cannabis.

Boston Freedom Festival

The Boston Freedom Fest is the largest festival celebrating Cannabis on the East Coast. For the 28th year, stoners gather on Boston Common to share a smoke with a few thousand of their friends. Great music, lots of food trucks and tremendous clouds of ganja smoke. Enjoy this 360 Video for the full 4:20 experience:

Make sure you have the latest browser for the full 360 view.

Hanging With The Freak Brothers

I discovered comic books after I discovered weed. I was already 15 when I picked up my first comic book. It wasn’t Marvel or DC or any super hero title. I wouldn’t start reading those until much later. It was the underground comics that caught my eye.

Fat Freddy and Scottman were part of our “stoner gang”. Scottman was forever trying to get me into comic books and Freddy would nod vigorously in agreement. I always declined, dismissing them as “kids stuff”. Then Scottman handed me a copy of a comic book that seemed to glorify our very lifestyle. When I read that first copy of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, my life of smoking weed and doing drugs was validated.


The Freak Brothers were created by Gilbert Shelton in the late sixties. Featured in underground newspapers, Playboy and High Times, the comic is still being reprinted and sold in comic shops and on-line. Gilbert Shelton is also the genius behind another underground comic classic, Wonder Warthog.

We were in a frenzy to read every single issue. At the time, there were still new episodes being released. We would take the T into Boston and see what new “underground” comics were available at Newbury Comics (back then the only store location was on Newbury Street).

The Freak Brothers had seeped so deeply into our lifestyle that we “became” the characters from those pages. Fat Freddy, of course, was instantly recognizable from the group. He adopted the very essence of Fat Freddy in every way. It was hard to tell the real Fat Freddy from the fictional Fat Freddy. One time, Fat Freddy iced up some nasty bongwater and chugged it down. Such a Fat Freddy thing to do. As for me… I became the somewhat obscure character: Skinny Benny.

Police Officers became “Norberts” after the character “Notorious Norbert The Narc”, a bumbling officer always looking to bust the “Brothers”. Any weed dealer was “Dealer McDope”, all beer was “Tall Toad”, large campers were “Phutney Creech Landyachts”. I could go on but I think you get the point. Gilbert Shelton and the Freak Brothers were also the source of that favorite sound effect used when describing all manner of destruction: “Fagroon“.

I’ve always felt the Freak Brothers would be great as a movie. In fact, there have been multiple attempts to produce one. A stop action, puppet-style production was started but never finished. There was even a Kickstarter campaign to get it funded but it fell short. I hold on to the hope that a Hollywood stoner will write the perfect Freak Brothers movie script.

As I stated, the Freak Brothers are still in print and available from a bunch of places on the internet. Of course, you can just read them on-line but nothing beats the feeling of a printed book in one’s hands.  May I suggest you just go for the whole deal and pick up the The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus, the ultimate collection of Freak Brothers comic strips with all the necessary “Fat Freddy’s Cat” footers included.

Here’s some Freak Brothers links to get you started:

Rip Off Press – Home of the Freak Brothers.
Freaknet – a Freak Brothers tribute webpage.
Wikipedia Freak Brothers
A Pinterest Freak Page with great illustrations.
Freak Brothers Facebook page

Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets

I don’t do record reviews.

I believe they are pointless. You either like a piece of music or you don’t.

With that said, I have no problems suggesting music. You’ll either like it or you won’t. But in case you might, I suggest the latest Los Straitjackets album.

Nick Lowe is an artist with an endless list of collaborations and covered classics. You know him from his hit “Cruel To Be Kind”. It is a shame that song has defined this guy, because the discography of Nick Lowe is a musical treasure. He is the genius behind the song: “What’s So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding” sung by Elvis Costello, for example. Listen to Nick Lowe and I expect you will be pleasantly surprised. Start with the 1970’s band Brinsley Schwartz and work through Nick’s vast collection of music.

Los Straitjackets are an instrumental band with a Rockabilly meets Surf kinda sound. Around in various forms since 1988, Los Straitjackets are from Nashville and are easily recognized by their suits and Mexican wrestling masks. The band toured with Nick in 2015 and the rest is history. The result is a fun collection of Nick’s awesomeness served up in a hip guitar strewn tidal wave of sound.

The new album: “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Los Straitjackets” and much of Nick Lowe’s music can be found at: Yep Roc Records.