Reliable Bud Does It Again.

Reliable BudCannabis is legal, and this weekend the Stoners gathered again to celebrate their favorite plant. The Reliable Bud team has gone to great lengths to bring Cannabis to the people. Another jam-packed “We Love Our Buds” event in Spencer, Massachusetts last weekend has proven, once again, that Cannabis is here to stay. Billed as a “BYOC” – Bring Your Own Cannabis – there was no shortage of Cannabis to consume.

Reliable Bud event

These events illustrate just how much Cannabis means to Massachusetts. When legalization became a reality in this state, Reliable Bud went right to work bringing stoners together and celebrating all things Cannabis. Today Reliable Bud maintains a Cannabis networking and promotion machine aimed at keeping Cannabis companies and consumers connected. “We Love Our Buds” was a great example of Reliable Bud’s networking capabilities.

dab bar

Cannabis Moon RocksReliable Bud brought together so many different ways to consume Cannabis under one roof it was impossible to try it all. Vendors were eager to share everything from dabs to dog biscuits. There were so many high quality Cannabis flowers with countless jars displayed about the vendors’ tables with pride. The Yankee Stoner even got a chance to sample some of those yummy extra special Cannabis nuggets: Moon Rocks.

There was considerable growth among the many fledgling companies I met nearly a year ago. It was great to see many vendors returning with more product and even more enthusiasm. Reliable Bud is doing a great job keeping the Cannabis industry connected.

Make sure you check out the Reliable Bud website, like the Reliable Bud Facebook page AND get their mobile phone App. Keep connected so you won’t miss the next “We Love Our Buds” Cannabis event!

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RB Harvest “Buds” BYOC – September 30, 2017

Now that legalization is a reality here in Massachusetts, the cannabis entrepreneurs are starting to lineup and stake their claim. A large part of this new “Green Rush” will be more events featuring all aspects of the Cannabis culture and the multitude of Cannabis products. This particular event was put on by Reliable Bud, a network of local home growers, craftsmen, and cannabis enthusiasts.

What makes this event so awesome also makes me sad. I’m from Westborough, the first town to ban Cannabis and the Cannabis industry. As I gaze upon the many new businesses and smiling entrepreneurs, I can’t help but feel a bit left out. I’ve got to get out of Westborough if I want to be a part of the “Green Rush”.

Weed festival

It was an interesting collection of vendors, many out for their first cannabis event ever. I was both impressed and empowered by the pride and enthusiasm of the of the local cannabis growers. These pot farmers spoke of their flowers as if they were their own children.


Knowledge and Insight for the Home Grower – SeedsMA

Beautiful buds were lovingly displayed on every other vendor table. The quality and variety of cannabis flowers was impressive. There is no shortage of high quality cannabis grown right here in Massachusetts, I assure you.

cannabis flowers


cannabis for sale

cannabis nuggs

There were some great new products on display as well. Innovations for growers, sellers and consumers could be found alongside the farmers. I was very impressed with a Connecticut vaporizer manufacturer, Topstone Projects, with their very cool steampunk vape unit. The designer brought me outside for a test inhale and I can verify this well made vape is easy to use and very effective.

This particular September Saturday was cooler than it has been and the sky was threatening but that did nothing to discourage the potheads from gathering to enjoy 4:20 with their cannabis consuming friends from all over the Northeast. The Spencer Fairgrounds became one big smoldering blunt as the entire crowd simultaneously burned what they brought, including two Yankee Stoners.

The Yankee Stoner is looking forward to many more of these gatherings of like minded humans. We enjoyed making some new friends and sharing their passion for Cannabis.

Tee Shirt Weather

The weather finally turned the corner up here in New England. We Yankees have the daily wardrobe issue this time of year when the mornings require the jacket but the afternoons turn into a hot humid mess. As the Yankee Stonette likes to say: “It’s as if we didn’t have a Spring.” I will go out on a limb here and assume Tee Shirt weather has finally arrived.

Yup, I like to make tee-shirts from my artwork. I have an endless supply of drawings doing nothing but sitting in a folder. I was a screen printer last century. Back then I would have printed a shirt now and again from these drawings. I only wore shirts I made myself for nearly 2 decades. Alas, I no longer have access to all that screen printing gear so I use an On-Line printing service to get my designs on fabric. It’s much cleaner that way.

I try to add a couple of new designs a month. The “tee shirt designer” function in the Yankee Stoner “store” allows you to create your own products or you can choose some I’ve already made available. The images are digitally printed on the fabric. I purchased a few shirts and washed the shit outa them and the images still look great.

Check back now and then to see new designs, I’m always drawing something. Got an idea you’d like me to draw? Let me know!

You can browse the Yankee Stoner collection in our Yankee Stoner Web Store.

Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets

I don’t do record reviews.

I believe they are pointless. You either like a piece of music or you don’t.

With that said, I have no problems suggesting music. You’ll either like it or you won’t. But in case you might, I suggest the latest Los Straitjackets album.

Nick Lowe is an artist with an endless list of collaborations and covered classics. You know him from his hit “Cruel To Be Kind”. It is a shame that song has defined this guy, because the discography of Nick Lowe is a musical treasure. He is the genius behind the song: “What’s So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding” sung by Elvis Costello, for example. Listen to Nick Lowe and I expect you will be pleasantly surprised. Start with the 1970’s band Brinsley Schwartz and work through Nick’s vast collection of music.

Los Straitjackets are an instrumental band with a Rockabilly meets Surf kinda sound. Around in various forms since 1988, Los Straitjackets are from Nashville and are easily recognized by their suits and Mexican wrestling masks. The band toured with Nick in 2015 and the rest is history. The result is a fun collection of Nick’s awesomeness served up in a hip guitar strewn tidal wave of sound.

The new album: “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Los Straitjackets” and much of Nick Lowe’s music can be found at: Yep Roc Records.

First Legal 420 Party A Success

We headed back to my hometown of Natick, Massachusetts to enjoy the very first LEGAL celebration of all things cannabis. Yepper buddy, the potheads were well represented at the Natick Elks Hall on 4-20 evening.

The awesome surprise came when, on the day before the event, NIC (Northeastern Institute of Cannabis) announced the party was FREE and would be refunding any money prepaid for tickets! No shit! (and I already received my refund… double awesome).

The evening was truly a celebration of weed… lots of vendors, edible demos, an Emcee, munchies, music and lots of  pot smoking. Kind of surreal getting high at the Elks in Natick where I’ve been to other events in the past. It was a bumpin’ party for sure. Here’s a video of Mohawk Glass making a bowl and talking about glass making…

Thanks to Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and Weedmaps for an excellent evening.

Happy 4-20

April 20th has become the Stoners’ Holiday, whether you like it or not. Since 420 has become the “number of the bush”, it seems everyone is hip to the reference. But where, exactly, did 420 come from?

What 420 is NOT; 420 is not a police code for marijuana use (its actually a “juvenile disturbance”), it has nothing to do with math, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan or any kind of cosmic significance.

The origin of 420 dates back to the 1970s, when it became the time to inhale among students in San Rafael, Califonia. A group of pot heads calling themselves “the Waldos” would pass one another in the halls, exchanging secret glances and whispering “420 Louis!” One of the Waldos told the San Francisco Chronicle,  “It was just a joke, but it came to mean all kinds of things, like, ‘Do you have any?’ or ‘Do I look stoned?”  420 quickly became the code word for all things weed related and the sacred time of the light up.

The statue where 420 was born.

The “Waldos” would meet in front of the statue of 19th-century French scientist Louis Pasteur in San Rafael to get stoned at 4:20 p.m. The term “420” was widely in use by the end of the 1970s. California Deadheads spread it like wildfire from that San Rafael epicenter. Within a decade, stoners around the world had adopted 420 as the official weed reference. High Times magazine first printed the the term “420” as early as 1990, and even bought the website, locking in the number as the official pot digit forever.

It was only natural for the number 420 to be associated with April 20, becoming the “Day of the Stoned” to anyone who lights up.  Happy 420, stonerverse,  smoke em if you got em… give one to a friend!

Ban This, Westborough

As a Westborough resident for nearly 20 years, I like think I’ve settled in as a respectable citizen. Westborough is a great town, don’t get me wrong, but recent events regarding the Town’s hatred for marijuana and their choice to ban the plant from being sold there has me just a bit steamed and feeling somewhat unwelcome.

As the first town to ban weed, Westborough’s homegrown temperance movement is urging other Massachusett’s towns to do the same. Ugh. Westborough, you need to take care of some more pressing issues than a harmless plant. It is a matter of priorities.

I’ve got my own list of things that should be banned from our sorted little burg… Let’s start with my top five. These are simple little “hacks” that will make Westborough better place to live while saving a bit of money and maybe a few lives.

5. Harveys trash trucks rumbling through town.

The smell, the noise and their disgusting presence can be avoided with a simple exit on the Mass Pike. One only needs to witness a summertime load of nasty garbage stuffed in one of these grimy trucks as it navigates the rotary to become nauseous and angry.

4. The Westborough Advisory Finance Committee discussing anything but town finances.

Sit through one of these meetings and you will shake your head in disbelief. So. Much. Speculating. Why are they giving their opinions on Marijuana? Why is a shop owner coming before the Committee to request a liquor license for a local convenience store? FINCOM, you have 1 job: looking at how Westborough spends money and suggesting how to do it better. Period. Don’t waste our time with anything else.

3. Lights.

Between the mega obnoxious HD drive in movie screen signs on Route 9, the daylight bright empty parking lots and those blinking cross walk flashers multiplying in town, Westborough is quickly becoming illuminated enough to be viewed from space. Enough already.

2. Guns and Porn.

Really, Westborough. I can buy weapons and pornography but I can’t buy weed. Again… ugh.

1. Alcohol Sales

You want to save the children. You want to save lives. You want safer streets. Ban alcohol. From restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations. At least lets start by putting the liquor stores right next to the porn shop and the gun store where they belong. As a killer drug of choice for most of America and the gateway to most substance addiction, shouldn’t we start with a ban on this extremely accessible but very dangerous drug?

Westborough, the only result from your ban on a plant will be lost revenue. And angry pot heads.

Greetings Potheads!

Yankee StonerAfter years of smoking weed in the shadows like a criminal, it seems cannabis is on the way to becoming legal. As this legalization phenomenon grows, so too will the opportunities for new industries, entertainment and careers.

Join the Yankee Stoner  as we head WAY up north to Aroostook County in Maine to experience  “Life In The Slow Lane”. We’ll enjoy some social distancing in the Northwoods while doing our best to remain elevated on Maine’s finest cannabis products.