Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Stoners are most famous for their love of food. This is so well known it has become the primary pot smoker’s behavior stereotype. As anyone who inhales can tell you, Cannabis just makes food taste better. How else could Taco Bell be revered as acceptable cuisine by thousands of stoners?

The Yankee Stoner is a lover of all things edible. I like to call myself a Multivore. Let me state right here that this is NOT a recommended diet but it can be a fun one. If a cool new snack food is released, I’m gonna try it. Like these reimagined classics right here…

Fudge Devil Dogs

One of the primary Stoner food groups: the Snack Cakes, Devil Dogs have always been a staple of the Drakes snack cake line. I grew up on these modified moon pie-like chocolate cake and crème creations. Shaped like a Hot Dog for easy handling and accurate gorging, Devil Dogs had one major flaw, however, they were as dry as a popcorn fart. Without a quart of milk to wash em down, Devil Dogs were nearly inedible.

Then Drakes covered them with fudge.

It makes one wonder what took them so long. These fudge covered yummers are freakin’ awesome. Put that milk away because this configuration of cake, cream and chocolate fudge creates the perfect balance of moisture and texture. Could this be the perfect stoner snack?

Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Spark one up and enjoy a box of the Fudge Covered Devil Dogs. Trust me on this one, they are good.

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