Classic Soapstone Pipes

Cornhole Reliable Bud It had been so long since I’ve seen a soapstone bowl I forgot how awesome they are. During the Reliable Bud Fiesta de Mayo BYOC on Saturday May 26th, I was reacquainted with the classic soapstone pipe. Just the sight of all those hand carved pipes brought back a flood of memories. I carried a soapstone pipe for years, usually reserving its use for hash or as a one-hitter. I remember that perennial pocket lump comforting me with the knowledge that I could get high at anytime. Alas, my beloved bowl ended up at the bottom of a lake, sinking like the stone it was. I was thinking it was high time for a replacement.

A perfect material for pipes, soapstone leaves no taste and it is very durable. It has the bonus property of being an easy material to carve with hand tools. The soapstone comes from quarries all across North American. Craftsman Terry Harlow of Paleolithic Pipes displayed his stone children with pride. There were so many pipes to choose from with a wide variety of cool shapes and interesting colors.

Terry offers Stone Pipe Making Workshops for aspiring soapstone carvers. He will supply all the tools and materials needed to learn the process and you’ll get to keep your creations from the course. You’re advised to contact Terry directly through the website for the details.

It took a while but I found the perfect pipe for the Yankee Stoner. This little pipe is a joy to hold. The finish on these pipes is a simple buffed beeswax that feels great in your hand. The rectangular shape prevents the bowl from tipping over or rolling onto the floor. The pipe has a perfect bowl size for two. Our new soapstone pipe carved by Terry Harlow from Paleolithic Pipes is an awesome addition to our collection of smoking accessories.

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