Everybody Loves a Good Screw

Sometimes its the little things…

I am currently working on a new pipe called the Yankee Inhaler. (to see why, read How I Met The Yankee Inhaler)

I made sample pipes for testing and proceeded to smoke lots of weed through those prototypes. These wood pipes required a screen in the bowl so I purchased a sack of those headshop standards, unchanged since their inception in the 70s… the brass pipe screen.

The brass screen worked but there were issues. The primary issue was a clogged screen. I was forced to pry out the screen often to clear the built up resin (i.e. burn, flick, reinsert screen). That process revealed the next issue… getting the fucking screen outa the bowl so I could clean it. It didn’t take long for that brass screen to develop a large hole that released a bowlful of ash onto my tongue.

If I was going to make an easy to use, no nonsense wooden pipe, I would need to address the screen problem. An exhaustive internet search did reveal some interesting possibilities but I was able to dismiss them for my application as they were way too expensive. The “glass” screens were no good as well, falling out of the bowl when ash was tapped out.

Then I stumbled on Smokin’ Screws.

Basically a stainless steel wire twisted into a funnel funnel shape, the Smokin’ Screw takes the common pipe screen to the next level. The wire is pretty thick resulting in a long lasting, easy to handle insert for many pipes. With a handy handle extending out of the bowl, this “screen” is easy to grab for quick cleaning.

The inventor is definitely a smoker. The design of the Smokin’ Screen is simple yet extremely effective. The website claims “…its vortex design creates a swirling column of air and fire that releases the oils of every last bit of leaf.” I don’t know about any of that but I do know weed burns better with one of these screens. Just yank out the screen after a few bowls and take a look. If there is any build-up, a lighter will burn it off lickety-split. Flick the Smokin’ Screen to free to ash and reinsert into your bowl.

I urge you to check out the Smokin’ Screws website [https://www.smokinscrews.com/]. You can purchase the screws directly from the website and they will be shipped very quickly. The Smokin’ Screw will make the Yankee Inhaler a better product and I plan to include one with every pipe.

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