First Grow – part 7

The Cannabis Flowering continues…

cannabis bush

If you look closely you can see many flowers have started on this plant. The other two plants look just like this one with many bright green leaf clusters surrounding a swelling flower.

cannabis flower

I woke this morning to interesting data from my “environment monitor” (SensorPush, see First Grow #5). The humidity spiked and the temp stayed flat… something was up. Sure enough, the power had failed last night and tripped a circuit breaker. I turned everything back on and reset the system timer to the current time. There was only a minor disruption in the cycle and I’m hoping there was no effect on the plants. I am considering a backup power source for the grow box.

cannabis flower

This is an exciting stage of growth. Every morning I see the flowers getting bigger. The plants look so healthy right now, I’m hoping my luck continues.

…more to come, watch us grow…

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