First Grow – part 8

Inside the Grow Box the cannabis plants continue to flower.

The photo below is a side by side comparison of a clone I received at the 420 party (left) with the “random seed” I germinated in February (right). A clear difference, it appears the right plant with its wider leaves and deeper green color might be an Indica strain. Both are flowering at the same rate but the seed grown flowers seem fuller.

Look at the stem on this bush (below). That’s a quarter for comparison. A pretty substantial “piece of wood”, the stem is leaning a bit to the side in bonsai-like fashion yet I never made any attempts to train the growth. I suspect the very windy conditions I’ve created in the box have helped to make a stout stem but I have no explanation on why the plants have not grown right up to the lights.

Summer is in full swing, bringing with it higher temperatures and humidity. I’ve noticed both levels have increased in the box as well. I will monitor the environment inside the box closely but I’m not sure how to bring the temp and humidity down if they continue to spike. I’m getting closer to harvest and things have been going so well, I’d be crushed if the plants get damaged at this stage.

…watch us grow…

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