First Grow – Part 3

Its been about a month in the grow box and things are definitely growing. All the plants are leafing out very nicely, however, upon closer inspection, I noticed some flowers on two of the plants. I whipped out my magnifying glass and examined them very closely.

Yup, it appears that these two plants are males.

Upon discovering the two male plants, I pulled them out of the box and transplanted them outside. We do not want any unauthorized pollination going on in the grow box. As you probably know, if you want seedless flowers, you’ve got to keep the male plants away and take steps to ensure no pollen gets on your stigma.

The remaining four plants are healthy and seem to be females. On two of the remaining plants I can see clear evidence of tiny female flower parts.

Meanwhile, a pair of male plants are enjoying their new life outside in the wild.

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Posted May 20, 2017 by admin in category "Growing

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