First Grow – part 5

Flowering time is approaching… time to tighten up the box.

Step 1… Add weather stripping to any visible light leaks. Step 2… Duct tape and cover the air intake with fabric for a filter and light mask. Step 3… Install wireless humidity and temperature sensor.

I purchased a unit called SensorPush to monitor the environment inside the grow box. There is no power cord and it appears fairly weatherproof. This device links wirelessly to your phone and works with the free SensorPush app. This tiny piece of tech (about the size of a book of matches) is able to track humidity and temperature and send the data to your phone. (you can see it in the image above) I am loving this useful tool and recommend it to anyone with a grow system. learn more at:

I am very concerned with light burn. I have been raising the LED lights as best I can, but I am reaching the top of the box. I found a low profile power cord on the LED fixture to give me an additional inch. I am also considering cutting a hole the size and shape of the LED box so I can raise it flush to the “ceiling” of the grow box, but I’ll probably wait until the next grow.

Up to now, the only real fertilizer I have been using is a single light handed “shot” of Miracle Grow” a week after I put them in the box and a daily watering with tea colored “swamp water” that flows nearby. Using the stream water probably increases my chances for a pest infestation, but that is potential failure I’m willing to learn from. You’ll remember I added worm casings to an already nutrient rich soil I purchased at the Grow Store when I first transplanted the seedlings into the larger pots. I will switch to a more Potassium rich fertilizer during the flowering stage.

After spending way too much time on-line researching cannabis horticulture, I feel I need to “science the shit” outa my next indoor growing scenario. I will admit to “winging it” through much of this grow process. Up to now, my motivation for this first grow has been the free clones and the recent legalization of cannabis. With the flowering stage starting, the excitement level has definitely inched up a notch.

…more to come…

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