RB Harvest “Buds” BYOC – September 30, 2017

Now that legalization is a reality here in Massachusetts, the cannabis entrepreneurs are starting to lineup and stake their claim. A large part of this new “Green Rush” will be more events featuring all aspects of the Cannabis culture and the multitude of Cannabis products. This particular event was put on by Reliable Bud, a network of local home growers, craftsmen, and cannabis enthusiasts.

What makes this event so awesome also makes me sad. I’m from Westborough, the first town to ban Cannabis and the Cannabis industry. As I gaze upon the many new businesses and smiling entrepreneurs, I can’t help but feel a bit left out. I’ve got to get out of Westborough if I want to be a part of the “Green Rush”.

Weed festival

It was an interesting collection of vendors, many out for their first cannabis event ever. I was both impressed and empowered by the pride and enthusiasm of the of the local cannabis growers. These pot farmers spoke of their flowers as if they were their own children.


Knowledge and Insight for the Home Grower – SeedsMA

Beautiful buds were lovingly displayed on every other vendor table. The quality and variety of cannabis flowers was impressive. There is no shortage of high quality cannabis grown right here in Massachusetts, I assure you.

cannabis flowers


cannabis for sale

cannabis nuggs

There were some great new products on display as well. Innovations for growers, sellers and consumers could be found alongside the farmers. I was very impressed with a Connecticut vaporizer manufacturer, Topstone Projects, with their very cool steampunk vape unit. The designer brought me outside for a test inhale and I can verify this well made vape is easy to use and very effective.

This particular September Saturday was cooler than it has been and the sky was threatening but that did nothing to discourage the potheads from gathering to enjoy 4:20 with their cannabis consuming friends from all over the Northeast. The Spencer Fairgrounds became one big smoldering blunt as the entire crowd simultaneously burned what they brought, including two Yankee Stoners.

The Yankee Stoner is looking forward to many more of these gatherings of like minded humans. We enjoyed making some new friends and sharing their passion for Cannabis.

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