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There is no real way to sugar coat it… smoking is bad for you.

For anyone who is a chronic smoker (such as myself) you are probably very attached to your smoking habit. At some point, the lungs of the consistent cannabis toker will begin to protest and breathing will eventually become difficult. That being said, there are many non combustible cannabis “dosing” methods out there to try that reduce the negative effects of inhaling smoke. Dry herb vaporizing is one lighterless method and the Focusvape is a dry herb vaporizer couch-tested by the Yankee Stoner.

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There are two basic types of vape systems – dry herb vaporizrs and liquid/oil/wax vaporizers. There are systems that do both I choose to keep the systems separate to get the maximum effect from the substance used. The dry herb vaporizer appealed to me because dry herb is easier to get and less expensive. Additionally, vaping cannabis flower is closest, for me, to smoking – something I still enjoy.

In a nut shell, vaporizing “boils” the active ingredients into a breathable vapor by using a carefully regulated heat source. Since all chemicals have their own specific boiling temperarture as a property, the vaporizer can be dialed into a temperature range that will vaporize the cannabinods and terpenes, keeping any combustible poisons unburned and out of your lungs.

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The Focusvape is a typical vaporizer with components necessary for effective dosing. The most important feature of any vape is the precise control of the temperature. This requires the ability to set the thermostat and know when the desired temperature is reached. The Focusvape uses a digital indicator that will that is easy to set and big enough for this old man to read it. When the target temp is reached, the Focusvape will even vibrate in your hand to let you know.


The ceramic “oven” is deep and easy to access. I like the glass mouthpiece on the screw-off chamber cover with no O-rings or tiny bits that fall on the floor when apart. The herb goes in easy, cleans out even easier. The unit is turned on with 3 presses of the side buttons. The display will show the current temperature which should be counting towards the preset temp. This is a no-nonsense tool that will get the job done without needing an engineering degree to figure it out.

The recommendation for the Focusvape came from our local dispensary and we weren’t disappointed. At $130, it was a considerable investment. but it will last. The battery, while rechargable (using an included USB cord), is still replacable unlike many models out there. Additionally, the Focusvape has a rubbery “skin” and graspable shape designed for portability.

What would make the Focusvape better is a simple flat edge. On the slightest inclined surface, the Focusvape will quickly roll off. Since this vape has considerable heft, hitting the floor from a few feet could be disastrous. If the glass mouthpiece breaks, however, there is a replacement along with a nifty cleaning tool, some replacement “screens” and a bunch of alcohol wipes included with the unit.

The Focusvape is a solid unit that produces a substantial cloud when used correctly. Each “bowl pack” will provide 6 good hits of vapor before you’ll want to reload. So far we are pleased with this vaporizer and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to switch from combustion to vaping for the first time.

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