Reliable Bud Celebrates Cannapendence Day

If you haven’t been to one of these Reliable Bud events, you are missing out. As a cannabis enthusiast for over 40 years, the road to legalization has been a long one. Even though weed is legal, it is still somewhat hard to find resources or product. Reliable Bud events strip away all of the stigma and brings the Cannabis Lifestyle to the people. A Reliable Bud event offers education, entertainment and, of course, lots and lots of cannabis. Check out this video to see some of the fun:

Reliable Bud has done an incredible job bringing the Cannabis industry to Massachusetts. When at a Reliable Bud event, the freedom to enjoy cannabis in all its many forms is the primary goal, however, there is so much more.

Reliable Bud will be bringing more events to the Spencer Fairgrounds including the Maui Wowie Luau on August 18th. I’ll see you there.

Reliable Bud event

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  1. By Jasmin Sanchez on

    What a amazing organization that is for the people peace and love is what they promote!


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