Cannabis Strains – Blue Power

Blue Power is an Indica dominate hybrid that is great for making edibles.

blue power caanabis

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): :14.8%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 14.0%
  • D9-THC : 0.3%
  • CBD-A (cannabidiolic Acid): 0.0%
  • CBD (cannabinol): 0.0%

blue power flower

This sample is from a 14 gram purchase from a Massachusetts dispensary. Here is a microscopic view of Blue Power.

microscopic blue power bud

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Cannabis Strains – Green Cush

Green Cush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is produced by crossing Purple Kush with Green Crack. The spelling of “Cush” with a C is how the dispensary labeled this prepack.

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): 19.1%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 18.2%
  • THC: (Tetrahydrocannabinol): 0.34%
  • CBD (cannabidiol): 0.1%
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): 0.1%
  • CBG-A (Cannabigerolic Acid):not listed

This Cannabis is from a 7 gram prepack from a Massachusetts dispensary. Here is a microscopic view of Green Cush:

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Cannabis Strains – Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is a Sativa dominate strain born from a cross of Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican land-race that features sweet, fruity melon flavors.

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): 24.3%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 22.7%
  • CBD (cannabidiol): 0.3%
  • CBD-A (Cannabidiolic Acid ): 0.0%
  • CBN (cannabinol): 0.1%

This was from a 14 gram purchase from a Massachusetts dispensary. Here is a microscopic view of Cannalope Haze:

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Mass Towns Target Cannabis with Unfair Elections

Towns in Massachusetts are voting within their own borders to ban Cannabis. Even though the state vote in November 2016 was for legalization*, these bans defy that popular vote. How can this be and why would we let this happen? I can give you a possible common sense answer to those questions and why those votes to ban Cannabis sales should be ignored.

The image of the stoner has become an accepted stereotype. You’ll always see the Cannabis user portrayed as bumbling, stupid and forever hungry. Cannabis smokers are assumed to be criminals and lowlifes. When a Cannabis fan speaks, they are often dismissed and brushed off as comic relief. As a result, the Closeted Cannabis users remain in the closet, out of sight, out of mind. These doctors, lawyers, CEOs, Government officials stay under the radar because they fear the social judgment.

Cannabis legalization opponents suffer ZERO negative repercussions from their “activism”. Opposing Cannabis legalization could even earn one kudos from oblivious supporters and organizations that also oppose legal Cannabis. Where are the local, weed smoking Pro Cannabis activists? On a local level you won’t see very many. Because Cannabis use is still considered unsavory, speaking out at Town Meeting to support Cannabis might not be an option for most people. Fear of that judgment and ridicule could be enough to squelch the Cannabis fan. Even the loss of one’s employment is possible.

Cannabis Users must accept they will be profiled and mocked as the Anti-Cannabis sheep go for the low hanging fruit and appear to be heroes.

I’m sure there are opponents of Cannabis that truly believe they are doing the right thing. The campaign against Cannabis has been going strong for over 75 years. Mind control like that takes time to wear off. My fear is the true and effective Cannabis opponents are motivated by something else.

These anti-cannabis crusaders believe a Cannabis ban is protecting our children. Apparently, Cannabis is the “gateway drug” that will lead our youth directly to opioid addiction. Utilizing stats “created” with data collected by medical professionals, all fingers point to Cannabis. Their clean charts and spiffy graphs tell a fearful story those medical professionals need you to believe.

You see, Cannabis is a safe, low cost, easy to grow, highly effective medicine. Maybe opponents of Cannabis fear a big hit to their Pharma-heavy stock portfolios. If Cannabis use becomes more common, most users will find less need for high profit prescription drugs. The Healthcare system is so bad in this country, Cannabis users resorting to self medication will find low cost relief without profit hungry drug companies. Yes, Big Pharma is the big loser here and you can bet your bottom dollar they fear the reduction in profits.

Another big loser if Cannabis is legal: Alcohol.

Many people might choose a Cannabis high over an alcohol buzz. They might prefer being more in control or not feeling like crap in the morning. Maybe they fear the curse of alcoholism or the health issues associated with alcohol consumption. Alcoholics might even use Cannabis to wean themselves off of the booze. Additionally, “potheads” might prefer to stay at home to enjoy a smoke more often, frequenting bars and restaurants less. Anything that threatens the current rate of alcohol consumption will certainly be challenged.

I would hate to think these anti-cannabis crusaders are motivated solely by the fear of profit loss. Banning Cannabis makes no sense to me but I completely understand greed. I also understand that a successful anti-cannabis campaign will certainly make the architects of said campaign look pretty good. A real feather in their cap, nothing looks better on the ole résumé.

not Cannabis Users

Westborough’s Anti-Cannabis Temperance Movement
Click the picture to view their Pot Watch shows.

We, the Cannabis Users, may never be taken seriously. As long as the Stoner stigma exists, Liquor sales are strong and Big Pharma is allowed to make millions from their products there will never be fair Cannabis legislation. As the facts about Cannabis begin to surface and the true nature of the Anti Cannabis movement is exposed, only then will Cannabis users be able to speak out without fear of social persecution and a fair Cannabis vote be possible.

* MA Cannabis Legalization Vote results: YES 53.7 NO 46.3

Homegrown Happiness

My second crop of Cannabis is all dried and in the curing stage. I’ve cracked open the first jar only 7 days into the cure. I broke up a most fragrant and sticky dried cannabis flower and filled a bowl. The joy of the harvest is undeniable but the satisfaction of actually consuming that harvest is beyond compare.

smoking cannabis

The volume of knowledge one accidentally absorbs whilst raising a crop of cannabis is staggering. From seed to smoke, there is much to learn. No worries… there is endless help on-line for the first time cannabis grower. Some trial and error but mostly nurturing and reward, the bottom line is: Growing cannabis is just not that difficult.

big cannabis bud

The indoor grow can be setup for less than $800 with a yield that will surprise you. The latest LED grow light technology uses less power and provides a cooler, safer light. Cannabis seeds are easy to get these days and some strains out there almost grow themselves. Even in Westborough, where cannabis sales are banned, there is still the home grow option. A small, legal indoor farm can provide a few fat ounces of high grade cannabis every 4 months.

There is no good reason NOT to grow Cannabis.

beautiful cannabis

I urge everyone to grow their own. The Cannabis plant is easy and fun to grow with rewards that go way beyond the tomato harvest!

Cannabis Strains – Flo

FLO is a Sativa dominant cross of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica. The name comes from this strain’s ability to be harvested multiple times from one planting.

Flo Cannabis

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): 31.8%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 26.3%
  • THC: (Tetrahydrocannabinol): 2.5%
  • CBD (cannabidiol): 1.1%
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): 1.2%
  • CBG-A (Cannabigerolic Acid): 0.5%

You can learn what these ingredients are by reading the post: What Are the Active Ingredients in Cannabis?

Flo cannabis strain

This cannabis was purchased at a dispensary in Massachusetts. Here’s a microscopic view of Flo.

microscopic Flo

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Don’t Call My Cannabis “Marijuana”!

There are so many different names for Cannabis. Like anything fun or popular, Cannabis has so many nicknames it deserves a thesaurus of its very own. With all of the possible names to choose from, may I suggest the one word to avoid: Marijuana

The word “marijuana” didn’t even exist in American culture in 1900. The scientific moniker, “cannabis” was used, primarily in reference to medicines and remedies for common ailments. In the early 1900s, herbalists and medical concerns that became the pharmaceutical powerhouses of today (i.e. Bristol-Meyer’s, Squibb and Eli Lilly) used cannabis in many of their medicines.

The Oxford English Dictionary cites the word marijuana may come from the Nahuatl peoples’ word for “prisoner”: mallihuan. This odd word with its different spellings and negative connotations was embraced by Harry J. Anslinger during his campaigns against Cannabis. The use of the name Marihuana (Marijuana) increased dramatically in the 1930s, when the exotic word was tossed about during debates of Cannabis’ legality. It was actively promoted by opponents of Cannabis wanting to brand it with an evil, “foreign-sounding” name. The word was cemented into the American lexicon with the “1937 Marihuana tax act”.


You might remember Mr. Anslinger as the brains behind the famously unsuccessful prohibition of alcohol. Fresh from this failure, Anslinger wanted desperately to keep his job which just became obsolete so he rallied to make marijuana the “next feared thing”. As a result, Anslinger became the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the larval stage of the modern DEA and the start of a never-ending war on drugs.

Anslinger used the popularity of those new “moving picture theaters” to spread fear of this “foreign” plant with productions like Reefer Madness crafted just for white American audiences. Sensationalized with overacting and insane scripts, “Marijuana” was always portrayed as a lubricant for the misdeeds of low-lifes and undesirable immigrants (read: brown people).

About as racist as one could be, Anslinger was fond of mixing marijuana with his dislike of anyone not sharing his skin color. “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind… Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.” said Mr. Anslinger. Hmmmmm, kinda reminds me of another racist politician that is full of shit.

Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind… Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.”

Harry J. Anslinger

So, it seems Anslinger’s antics at the Bureau of Narcotics are partially responsible for “marijuana” to become a word known by all Americans. Cannabis was no longer that beneficial plant substance found in medicines and consumed without fear. Marijuana became public enemy #1.

Thanks, asshole.

Second Grow Timeline

With the success of my first grow, I was quick to start up the Second Grow. I cleaned out the grow box, mixed some fresh soil while the next group of seeds germinated. If I can successfully grow a second crop then I can be certain it wasn’t just beginner’s luck on the first grow.

DAY 1 – July 24 – Moisten 8 seeds bought from Netherlands between layers of paper towel. [on window sill]

DAY 2 – 7 seeds showing tap root.

cannabis germination

DAY 3 – Significant tap root growth on 7. 8th seed cracked with a very tiny tap root.

DAY 4 – July 27 – Placed tap rooted seeds into peat pots and soaked well.

DAY 5 – July 28 – Seedlings up already. Video here:

DAY 6 – July 29 – Placed planted seeds in grow box. [Light cycle: 18 – 6 hours]

DAY 9 – August 1 – Planted in square gallon pots. 8th seed discarded. 6 seeds in pots, 1 in a starter pot. [71° F 70% humidity]

DAY 13 – August 5- Robust growth. Watering every other day.


DAY 18 – August 9 – Strong growth continues, very healthy leaves. [74° F 66% humidity]

cannabis seedling

DAY 19 – August 10- Leaves filling out quickly. Watering every day.

cannabis plants

DAY 21 – Steady growth continues.

cannabis growing

DAY 25 – August 16 – Steady growth continues. Rotating plants every day. [74° F 72% humidity]

Cannabis in the grow box

DAY 27 – Huge, wide leaves. Lots of new growth.

DAY 28 – August 21/eclipse day – need to consider a second grow box. Plants growing out very wide. Topped the 2 tallest plant this morning.

Day 32 – August 24 – took the riser out of the box to lower the cannabis plants 3″ from the lights. Very lush and healthy foliage.


DAY 34 – August 26, 2017 – Moved the two smaller plants into their own grow box (read Grow Pod Project) sharing a 3 gallon fabric pot.


DAY 39 – September 1st – full veg, taking up lots of water.

potted pot

DAY 43 – Labor Day – September 4 – Changed light cycle to 12/12 in main grow box. Two plants in “grow pod” catching up, still on “veg time” (18/6).

cannabis grow pod

cannabis farm

DAY 49 – September 10 – Switch to potassium rich nutrients (NPK = 1-3-14). 4 of the plants showing female pre- flower. Can’t tell on the others yet.


DAY 53 – September 14 – Burst of growth at tops, starting to form flowers. Looks like I have 6 out of 7 females.

DAY 55 – September 16 – Had to tie back the largest plant.

cannabis plant

DAY 58 – September 19 – Six plants all showing flowers.

cannabis plant

DAY 60 – September 20 – Every plant has flowers growing strongly, including the “growpod” plants.

cannabis growpod

DAY 64 – September 24 – Flowers swelling nicely. Hot and sunny, brought 4 plants outside for a few hours. Trimmed larger fan leaves and any yellowed leaves.

yankee stoner cannabis

DAY 70 – September 30 – flowers fattening, odor quite strong, lemon and pine.

DAY 72 – October 2 – pistils starting to brown at the tips. Grow pod about a 2 weeks behind.

DAY 76 – October 6 – Flowers getting heavy. [68° F 76% humidity]

DAY 80 – October 10 – flowers continue to swell. Starting the flush with distilled water.


DAY 82 – October 12 – picking off large yellowing leaves on all plants. Flowers still swelling.

cannabis flower

DAY 88 – picked off many yellowing leaves, still douching with distilled water.

DAY 92 – October 22 – Partial harvest… trim three of six plants today.

Let the CANNABIS HARVEST commence.


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Cannabis Flower Festival

Cannabis flowers are as beautiful as they are unique. The fuzzy pistils rise from the bloom like wisps of white smoke. The aroma is very strong and quite pleasant, a mix of fruit and pine. As the flowers “ripen”, they become even more showy and fragrant. The flowers reveal a sugar like crystalline patina and the pistils start turn a light brown as the buds steadily increase in size.

Enjoy this collection of photos showcasing my second grow of cannabis plants’ flowers swelling towards harvest.

cannabis flower
Cannabis Flower – Day 59
cannabis flower
Cannabis Flowers at 63 days.
Cannabis Flower – Day 65
cannabis flower
Cannabis Flower – Day 70
Cannabis Flower – Day 72
cannabis flower
Cannabis Flower – Day 76
DAY 77 – Cannabis Flower
DAY 80 – a box of Cannabis flowers
cannabis flower
Day 88 – Cannabis Flower –
Getting root bound, harvesting this one soon.
Day 89 – Cannabis
Day before harvest
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RB Harvest “Buds” BYOC – September 30, 2017

Now that legalization is a reality here in Massachusetts, the cannabis entrepreneurs are starting to lineup and stake their claim. A large part of this new “Green Rush” will be more events featuring all aspects of the Cannabis culture and the multitude of Cannabis products. This particular event was put on by Reliable Bud, a network of local home growers, craftsmen, and cannabis enthusiasts.

What makes this event so awesome also makes me sad. I’m from Westborough, the first town to ban Cannabis and the Cannabis industry. As I gaze upon the many new businesses and smiling entrepreneurs, I can’t help but feel a bit left out. I’ve got to get out of Westborough if I want to be a part of the “Green Rush”.

Weed festival

It was an interesting collection of vendors, many out for their first cannabis event ever. I was both impressed and empowered by the pride and enthusiasm of the of the local cannabis growers. These pot farmers spoke of their flowers as if they were their own children.


Knowledge and Insight for the Home Grower – SeedsMA

Beautiful buds were lovingly displayed on every other vendor table. The quality and variety of cannabis flowers was impressive. There is no shortage of high quality cannabis grown right here in Massachusetts, I assure you.

cannabis flowers


cannabis for sale

cannabis nuggs

There were some great new products on display as well. Innovations for growers, sellers and consumers could be found alongside the farmers. I was very impressed with a Connecticut vaporizer manufacturer, Topstone Projects, with their very cool steampunk vape unit. The designer brought me outside for a test inhale and I can verify this well made vape is easy to use and very effective.

This particular September Saturday was cooler than it has been and the sky was threatening but that did nothing to discourage the potheads from gathering to enjoy 4:20 with their cannabis consuming friends from all over the Northeast. The Spencer Fairgrounds became one big smoldering blunt as the entire crowd simultaneously burned what they brought, including two Yankee Stoners.

The Yankee Stoner is looking forward to many more of these gatherings of like minded humans. We enjoyed making some new friends and sharing their passion for Cannabis.