A Cannabis Mutation

The Yankee Stoner is still new to the weed growing scene with only two successful harvests so far. I germinated a batch of Blueberry seeds I purchased from a popular seed company on New Years Day. Imagine my surprise when I noticed one of the seedlings had sprouted into an interesting mutation… three cotyledon leaves.

Blueberry Cannabis seedlings

Like any other inquisitive Cannabis farmer, I went to the web to seek out an explanation for this phenomenon. There seems to be some confusion with some calling the phenomenon tri-lateral branching and others claim it is a whorled phytolaxy. From what I can decipher, they may be the same thing. Whorled phytolaxy is an organism having three or more times the haploid chromosome number. Tri-lateral branching is a manifestation of the phytolaxy, where the plant has “extra features”, in this case, three cotyledons and branches instead of the normal two.

The Cannabis “forums” couldn’t agree on the future of this plant. Some post were positive, predicting greater growth and bigger buds. The naysayers said to expect a male plant with smaller flowers. The inferior genetics may result in a possible hermaphrodite and advise no cloning. Whatever the future holds for this plant, I am excited to watch it grow and see what develops

Cannabis Trifoliate

As the proud father of a mutant cannabis plant, I fawned over the seedling as it began to veg out. I patiently waited for the sex of this plant to reveal itself. If it is a male, should I let it flower and make some seeds? Should I clone her if she’s a female? After 8 weeks I switched the light cycle over to 12/12.

On the 51st day of growth I have confirmed it’s a Girl!

Cannabis pistils

…to be continued.

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Reliable Bud Does It Again.

Reliable BudCannabis is legal, and this weekend the Stoners gathered again to celebrate their favorite plant. The Reliable Bud team has gone to great lengths to bring Cannabis to the people. Another jam-packed “We Love Our Buds” event in Spencer, Massachusetts last weekend has proven, once again, that Cannabis is here to stay. Billed as a “BYOC” – Bring Your Own Cannabis – there was no shortage of Cannabis to consume.

Reliable Bud event

These events illustrate just how much Cannabis means to Massachusetts. When legalization became a reality in this state, Reliable Bud went right to work bringing stoners together and celebrating all things Cannabis. Today Reliable Bud maintains a Cannabis networking and promotion machine aimed at keeping Cannabis companies and consumers connected. “We Love Our Buds” was a great example of Reliable Bud’s networking capabilities.

dab bar

Cannabis Moon RocksReliable Bud brought together so many different ways to consume Cannabis under one roof it was impossible to try it all. Vendors were eager to share everything from dabs to dog biscuits. There were so many high quality Cannabis flowers with countless jars displayed about the vendors’ tables with pride. The Yankee Stoner even got a chance to sample some of those yummy extra special Cannabis nuggets: Moon Rocks.

There was considerable growth among the many fledgling companies I met nearly a year ago. It was great to see many vendors returning with more product and even more enthusiasm. Reliable Bud is doing a great job keeping the Cannabis industry connected.

Make sure you check out the Reliable Bud website, like the Reliable Bud Facebook page AND get their mobile phone App. Keep connected so you won’t miss the next “We Love Our Buds” Cannabis event!

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Tokermon Tuesday # 47

Welcome to Tokermon Tuesday… your source for Tuesday Tokermon. Here’s one now… Prongfrog is a hopper that feeds on common Cannabis pests. If you have a Prongfrog in the garden, you may have some unwanted insects.

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Who are the Tokermon?

Cannabis Strains – Granola Funk

The Granola Funk cannabis strain is a cross between the Girl Scout Cookie and Wookie 15. A nearly even Indica/Sative mix, Granola Funk gets its name from a smell similar to hippies making granola.

granola funk cannabis

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): 19.9%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 18.3%
  • THC: (Tetrahydrocannabinol): 0.1%
  • CBC (Cannabichromene): 0.1%

You can learn what these ingredients are by reading the post: What Are the Active Ingredients in Cannabis?

This sample of Granola Funk was purchased at a Massachusetts dispensary. Here is a microscopic view of Granola Funk:

granola funk microscope

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Cannabis Strain – Tutankhamon

Tutankhamon, or King Tut, is a sativa dominate strain bred from the well known AK-47. This is a strong Sativa with an uplifting high that is great as a social lubricant.

Tutankhamon Cannabis strain

Active Ingredient Stats from package:

  • TAC (Total Active Cannabinoids): 19.6%
  • THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid): 18.7%
  • THC: (Tetrahydrocannabinol): 0.1%
  • CBD (cannabidiol): 0.1%
  • CBC (Cannabichromene): 0.1%

You can learn what these ingredients are by reading the post: What Are the Active Ingredients in Cannabis?


This sample was purchased at a dispensary in Massachusetts. Here is a microscopic view of Tutankhamon.

microscopic Tutankhamon

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Tokermon Tuesday # 45

Tuesday arrives with a brand new Tokermon. Meet Gummie. This soft and colorful Tokermon might look like a yummy gummy but you don’t wanna eat it. The hard to find Gummie can be spotted among your plants in the evening when the lights are out.

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Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Stoners are most famous for their love of food. This is so well known it has become the primary pot smoker’s behavior stereotype. As anyone who inhales can tell you, Cannabis just makes food taste better. How else could Taco Bell be revered as acceptable cuisine by thousands of stoners?

The Yankee Stoner is a lover of all things edible. I like to call myself a Multivore. Let me state right here that this is NOT a recommended diet but it can be a fun one. If a cool new snack food is released, I’m gonna try it. Like these reimagined classics right here…

Fudge Devil Dogs

One of the primary Stoner food groups: the Snack Cakes, Devil Dogs have always been a staple of the Drakes snack cake line. I grew up on these modified moon pie-like chocolate cake and crème creations. Shaped like a Hot Dog for easy handling and accurate gorging, Devil Dogs had one major flaw, however, they were as dry as a popcorn fart. Without a quart of milk to wash em down, Devil Dogs were nearly inedible.

Then Drakes covered them with fudge.

It makes one wonder what took them so long. These fudge covered yummers are freakin’ awesome. Put that milk away because this configuration of cake, cream and chocolate fudge creates the perfect balance of moisture and texture. Could this be the perfect stoner snack?

Fudge Covered Devil Dogs

Spark one up and enjoy a box of the Fudge Covered Devil Dogs. Trust me on this one, they are good.

cannabis and food

Cannabis Strains – Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush is an indica-dominant strain that is named from the platinum hue the flowers take on. The smoke is very sweet with an incense and wood finish.

Platinum Kush seems fairly mellowing with total active Cannabinoids reaching 20% or so.

This Cannabis was NOT purchased at a dispensary so no stats are available. Here is a closer look at Platinum Kush:

platinum kush

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