First Grow – Pre Harvest

Here’s a last look at my first home grown Cannabis Plants before I cut them down for harvest.

The trichomes covering the flowers sparkle in the light like sugar crystals. The pistils, those tiny hairs all over the flower, are beginning to turn brown and curl a bit.

It has been a real treat watching my Cannabis mature. The plants are so beautiful I really hate to kill them.

I made a little video as a keepsake of my very first cannabis growing adventure. Take a look:

I’ll let them ripen one more day before I cut them as I need to prepare the drying area. Since it has been extremely humid, I will need to dehumidify the closet I’ll be hanging the buds in.

…come on back and watch us dry…

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First Grow – part 10

Welcome to Cannabis Trichome City…

This post is pretty much a celebration of the Cannabis Trichome. Very cool to examine closely, I just wish I had better pictures. As I stated last post, I’m looking for these transparent stalks and the bulbous heads to attain a milky color. I’m seeing a few milkies already, so I’m a bit anxious.

The trichomes are especially interesting to look at with a powerful magnifying glass. I will seek out even better ways to photograph these awesome looking trichomes. By the look of it, I better hurry…

I think harvest may be less about week away so I’m starting the plants on a diet of plain ole fresh spring water. The pure water will ensure the plants do not impart any flavors from fertilizers and the stream water. I’m just going to use spring water from the super market for several days and then its time to bring this project to the next stage, drying and curing.

…come watch us grow…

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First Grow – Part 9

Late Stage excitement in the grow box. Trichomes, the indicators of cannabis “ripeness”, have made their first appearance in the flowers.

The trichomes are where cannabinoids and terpenes (the “good stuff”) are manufactured as small resin glands on the flowers and main fan leaves of late-stage cannabis plants. As you can barely see, trichomes are nearly microscopic, mushroom-like protrusions from the surface of the buds, fan leaves, and, in smaller amounts, on the stalk. Trichomes are comprised primarily of a stalk and a head. It is inside the head of the trichome that the production of THC happens.

I need to pay close attention to these trichomes. When they start to change color, I’ll need to prepare for harvest. From my research, I’ve learned that if harvested when the trichome stalks appear cloudy or milky in color, the cannabinoids will offer a more heady, energetic, and sativa-style high. If allowed to ripen even longer, trichomes will achieve an amber or brown color, and the cannabinoids may deliver a more relaxed body high that’s more like the indica strains. I have ordered a cheap microscope attachment for my iPhone so that I may examine and photograph the trichomes more closely. I’ll post the shots as soon as it arrives.

The cannabis plants look very healthy and are really quite pretty to look at. There is also a nice fragrance of ripe fruit and sweet pine.

Watch them grow… harvest time is approaching.

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5 Reasons Why I’d Rather My Teen Smoke Cannabis Over Drinking Alcohol.

Oh shit.., I just heard the entire town of Westborough, Massachusetts collectively gasp.

The reality is every teen will experiment with some mind altering substance. With all the peer pressure, media hype and varieties of recreational drugs available, it is a mystery as to how America has ANY teenagers left.

Here’s my Top 5 Reasons why I think weed is better for teens than alcohol:

5. Throwing up is nasty. Let’s face it, when you are a teenager, you haven’t learned how much you can drink. More than quite often the alcohol ingested is expelled with the food that also is in the stomach. Rarely does the drunken teen make it to the proper porcelain facilities. Do you really want your teen spewing their evening all over your car or newly installed carpet?

4. Drinking turns people into assholes. OK, not everyone is a mean drunk. That doesn’t guarantee some other drunk asshole isn’t going to affect everyone at the party. Starting fights. Bullying. General obnoxious-ness. We’ve all experienced that drunken fucker that ruins the party. I’ve never seen stoners act in such a way. Ever.

3. Stoners don’t black out. OK, there might be some memory loss, but never a coma. The Stoner will not pass out and be that victim of the drunken asshole (see above) Sharpie artist drawing a dick on that poor passed out drunken bastard’s face.

2. You can’t drive drunk. Proven. Fact. There are soooo many deaths as a result of drunk driving, it is staggering. (pardon the pun) I would much rather drive with a stoner than a drunk. Not ideal driving conditions as well… in fact, it is illegal to drive high. However, my experience has proven stoned drivers are far safer and have more control than drunk drivers. Stoners drive slower. Stoned drivers are more cautious as a result of the “paranoid” effect of cannabis. Marijuana can actually increase one’s concentration on the task at hand depending on the strain of weed they ingest. Bottom line… driving stoned is way safer than driving drunk.

drunk driver

1. Alcohol is poisonous. There, I said it. If you drink too much alcohol, you will die. Proven, Fact. Binge drinking is a deadly teen issue, yet it is commonly practiced at colleges where some of these teens are drinking for the first time. Binge drinking is glorified, seen in many TV shows and movies… it is considered a rite of passage. Indeed. You drink too much and die, you have passage to dirtville. Just to be clear… There has yet to be an “overdose” on Cannabis. Not one human being has lost their life as a result of ingesting, in any form, too much cannabis.

That right there, my parental friends, is enough for me to seal the weed deal.

First Grow – part 8

Inside the Grow Box the cannabis plants continue to flower.

The photo below is a side by side comparison of a clone I received at the 420 party (left) with the “random seed” I germinated in February (right). A clear difference, it appears the right plant with its wider leaves and deeper green color might be an Indica strain. Both are flowering at the same rate but the seed grown flowers seem fuller.

Look at the stem on this bush (below). That’s a quarter for comparison. A pretty substantial “piece of wood”, the stem is leaning a bit to the side in bonsai-like fashion yet I never made any attempts to train the growth. I suspect the very windy conditions I’ve created in the box have helped to make a stout stem but I have no explanation on why the plants have not grown right up to the lights.

Summer is in full swing, bringing with it higher temperatures and humidity. I’ve noticed both levels have increased in the box as well. I will monitor the environment inside the box closely but I’m not sure how to bring the temp and humidity down if they continue to spike. I’m getting closer to harvest and things have been going so well, I’d be crushed if the plants get damaged at this stage.

…watch us grow…

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Facebook vs Stoners

Once again, Facebook takes the “Social” out of Social Network.

I guess Facebook doesn’t like us stoners… It appears Facebook will not let customers use their “boost” services on any weed products. Really… fine don’t take my money. There are Social Networks out there made just for cannabis users and businesses… Here’s some cannabis-friendly Facebook alternatives: (click them to go to their websites)

I’m sure there will be many more Cannabis themed social networks created as acceptance of the herb grows.

First Grow – part 7

The Cannabis Flowering continues…

cannabis bush

If you look closely you can see many flowers have started on this plant. The other two plants look just like this one with many bright green leaf clusters surrounding a swelling flower.

cannabis flower

I woke this morning to interesting data from my “environment monitor” (SensorPush, see First Grow #5). The humidity spiked and the temp stayed flat… something was up. Sure enough, the power had failed last night and tripped a circuit breaker. I turned everything back on and reset the system timer to the current time. There was only a minor disruption in the cycle and I’m hoping there was no effect on the plants. I am considering a backup power source for the grow box.

cannabis flower

This is an exciting stage of growth. Every morning I see the flowers getting bigger. The plants look so healthy right now, I’m hoping my luck continues.

…more to come, watch us grow…

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Bong Hits

The Bong is the most iconic piece of marijuana smoking gear. Nothing says “stoner” like a big ole glass bong on the coffee table. And with good reason. No other smoking device will stuff the lungs with so much smoke in one “hit”.


I’ve been smoking weed for more than 40 years. During that time the bong has gone through some thoughtful design changes.

The first bong I had the pleasure to know was a massive 4 footer called Blue Max. To use this plastic lungbuster required 2 people: the smoker and the lighter. The “carburetor” hole was nearly an arm’s length from the mouthpiece. When you took your finger off of that hole… BOOM.

These days, the carb hole is gone and nobody smokes out of plastic anymore.

Obviously, glass, specifically: borosilicate glass, is the material of choice. Specially manufactured to be heat and shatter resistant, a good glass bong will last a lifetime. If you don’t drop it, of course. Glass is easiest to clean, adds no taste and there is no fear of plastic leaching into your bong hits.

That carburetor hole, the source of bong water leakage for decades, has been replaced by simply lifting the bowl from the stem. Genius! Oh, and that classic metal bowl found on nearly every bong of the 70s has been replaced with a glass bowl. The fittings on the glass bowl and bowl stem feature a frosted surface that keeps the glass pieces from locking together. Yup, today’s Bongs are more like chemistry lab glassware.

There are four basic Bong types: The Homemade Bong, The Art Bong, The Rube Goldberg Bong and the Laboratory Bong.

The Homemade Bong needs little description yet is the most diverse of the bongs. We have all seen and maybe even smoked from that home crafted device that could be fashioned from a hunk of PVC pipe, a beer can, a watermelon, soda bottles, bamboo… I could go on. Usually featuring duct tape, aluminum foil or some questionable adhesive, inhaling from this bong might not be the most healthy way to inhale. A true Bong needs water to work. With the Homemade Bong, there was always the chance of a bongwater spill. Anyone that has experienced a bongwater incident can back me up when I tell you NOT to spill the bongwater.

The Art Bong is just that… art. These bongs look great on the coffee table. Often sporting fantasy themes like dragons, wizards and such. Sometimes these bongs can be awkward to smoke from (“…put your mouth on the Serpent’s butt, hold your finger on it’s penis and light it’s head… “). If you put a lamp shade on the Art Bong, you can transform that scorned piece of drug paraphernalia into a tasteful source of illumination that smells rude.

The Rube Goldberg Bong references the famous cartoonist from the 40s and 50s. Rube Goldberg drawings depicted crazy, convoluted machines that did otherwise simple tasks.

Head Shops will have multiple shelves of these things for sale. A big seller, the Rube Goldberg Bong dazzles and delights the stoned shopper into an impulse buy. Usually multi-chambered with tubes and coils attached to valves and aerators… its all very complicated but also very cool. Until you try to clean it.

Finally there is the Laboratory Bong. This, in my opinion, is the only bong you’ll need. Those other bongs end up in the closet, the trash or bookshelf, never to be smoked from again. The “Lab Bong” gets the job done efficiently and without additional nonsense.

Typically this bong is a combination of a straight glass tube, a removable bowl stem and a glass bowl. A tool in its purest form, this Bong group is simple to operate, easy to clean and will usually have replaceable parts and upgrades like dab mods and ash catchers. The Laboratory Bong is usually an every day smoker that you’ll probably get very attached to.

Remember, your own Bong choice can define your personality. Just as a pet can sometimes “mirror” their owner, your Bong choice speaks volumes about who you really are.

First Grow – Part 6

My three remaining cannabis plants are one week into the flowering cycle. There has been a significant burst of growth in just 6 days.

That “odd” plant, the only female I sprouted from a seed, was not looking like cannabis up to now. After I changed the light cycle to flower mode (12 hours light / 12 hours dark) and added potassium rich nutrients to the water all three plants visibly changed. The fresh growth on all three plants is densely packed and a more vibrant green. I was relieved to see the new growth on the “oddling” was looking more like a cannabis plant and seems to have the classic Indica leaf shape, color and size.


The flowers have definitely started to form on all three plants. The nutrient change to a Potassium rich formula combined with the 12/12 light/dark cycle has kicked all three cannabis plants into flowering mode as advertised. The fertilizer I’m using was part of a box of nutrients I won at the 420 Celebration Party. As you can see, the Potassium number is pretty high. The three numbers on the fertilizer represent the value of the three macro-nutrients used by plants. These macro-nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) or NPK for short. I add about a tablespoon nutrient to a gallon of water which lasts about three days of watering.

I must be very careful not to let any light into the box now during the darkness phase. I only open the the doors in the morning when the lights are on in the grow box. I quickly take my photos, check the green babies for pests (so far so good… knocking on wood), give them their water and close up the box another for 24 hours.

little cannabis bush
Cannabis Clone – day 66

…more to come…

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First Grow – part 5

Flowering time is approaching… time to tighten up the box.

Step 1… Add weather stripping to any visible light leaks. Step 2… Duct tape and cover the air intake with fabric for a filter and light mask. Step 3… Install wireless humidity and temperature sensor.

I purchased a unit called SensorPush to monitor the environment inside the grow box. There is no power cord and it appears fairly weatherproof. This device links wirelessly to your phone and works with the free SensorPush app. This tiny piece of tech (about the size of a book of matches) is able to track humidity and temperature and send the data to your phone. (you can see it in the image above) I am loving this useful tool and recommend it to anyone with a grow system. learn more at:

I am very concerned with light burn. I have been raising the LED lights as best I can, but I am reaching the top of the box. I found a low profile power cord on the LED fixture to give me an additional inch. I am also considering cutting a hole the size and shape of the LED box so I can raise it flush to the “ceiling” of the grow box, but I’ll probably wait until the next grow.

Up to now, the only real fertilizer I have been using is a single light handed “shot” of Miracle Grow” a week after I put them in the box and a daily watering with tea colored “swamp water” that flows nearby. Using the stream water probably increases my chances for a pest infestation, but that is potential failure I’m willing to learn from. You’ll remember I added worm casings to an already nutrient rich soil I purchased at the Grow Store when I first transplanted the seedlings into the larger pots. I will switch to a more Potassium rich fertilizer during the flowering stage.

After spending way too much time on-line researching cannabis horticulture, I feel I need to “science the shit” outa my next indoor growing scenario. I will admit to “winging it” through much of this grow process. Up to now, my motivation for this first grow has been the free clones and the recent legalization of cannabis. With the flowering stage starting, the excitement level has definitely inched up a notch.

…more to come…

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