Skateluge USA

Gravity. Its free, its everywhere and IT NEVER FAILS. Everyone should be taking advantage of this wonderful resource. The mission of Skateluge USA is simply to bring Humans and Gravity together.

It all began as an obsession. My parent’s driveway was long and steep enough for me to develop a close relationship with gravity. I was drawn to the pull of gravity, creating a fleet of downhill devices to harness the power of that hill. A lifetime of gravity powered recreation led to a whole new obsession: Skateluge USA.

The original website has been in uninterrupted operation espousing the virtues of Gravity Sporting since 1995. Since then, Skateluge USA and Tim Novak have been making and selling all manner of Gravity Powered craft using the internet.  Yankee Stoner and Skateluge USA have joined to bring you the best GRAVITY has to offer. Because nothing is more fun than playing with Gravity when you’re stoned!

The Original Skateluge


The adventure started with the Skateluge. An entry level gravity craft designed for endless downhill fun. Combining the excitement of skateboarding with the fun of backyard sledding, the Original Skateluge was designed so the entire family can play.

Comfortable and stable concave – Full length ashwood handrails – Built in carry handles – Randal 180 trucks – ABEC 11 wheels – Biltin Bearings – Hardword laminated deck.


The Original Skateluge features high quality construction using the best materials and components, designed for a lifetime of gravity powered FUN.

Awesome Skateluge from Tim Novak on Vimeo.

$179.99 plus $35.00 to ship

The Original Skateluge is shipped fully assembled and ready to ride (after some minor adjustments, of course).

The Skateluge Classic

Buttboard Classic Luge
The Skateluge Classic was developed for more speed. Great for recreation and racing, the Skateluge USA Classic Luge was designed to go FAST. Trust me… you will go very fast on this buttboard. Tim Novak created this board in 2001 so he could do some downhill racing. With just the right concave and a no-nonsense shape, Tim’s buttboard was made for high speed competition.Since the Skateluge USA Classic release in 2002,  there been more than a few podium placements for the Skateluge USA Classic Luge.

9 plys of quality birch – full length concave – carry handles – Randal R-2B trucks (180 mm) – ABEC 11 wheels – Biltin Bearings – Khiro wedge risers

Classic Luge complete: $199.99 – shipping cost: $40.00.

The Skateluge Classic is shipped fully assembled and ready to ride (after some minor adjustments of course).

The Noreaster Street Luge

The Skateluge USA Noreaster Streetluge is the fastest of all. A street luge unlike any other, the Noreaster is your adrenalin fix.

The Noreaster Street Luge represents the result of Tim Novak’s quest for the perfect recreational Street Luge. Designed to get more riders on the hill, the Noreaster is a recreational Street Luge featuring low cost, an effective “dropped shape” and intuitive hand grips. Sleek, comfortable, stable and WICKED FAST, the Noreaster is a great way to experience the thrill and excitement of Street Luging.

13 plys of super tough hardwood – Custom molded dropped design – Intuitive and effective Hand Grips – Randal R2-B 180 trucks – ABEC 11 wheels – Biltin Bearings – Khiro wedge risers

Currently available: Original Skateluge, Skateluge Classic
Unfortunately the Skateluge USA Noreaster Street Luge is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

How to purchase a Skateluge USA gravity toy

Use the form below to contact Skateluge USA. We will respond with availability and approximate delivery time. We use Paypal for all transactions.

Unfortunately the Skateluge USA Noreaster Street Luge is currently unavailable.