Who are the Tokermon?

The surge in cannabis farming has created new habitat for a different kind of creature never seen before. They say these secretive critters can only be seen when you are stoned. Scientists reject the sightings as hallucinations. Those who have seen them know better.

These creatures are called Tokermon. And YOU gotta catch them.

Except for Stinky. Stay away from Stinky.

Check out the teaser video below. Look for a new Tokermon character EVERY TUESDAY.

The TOKERMON, so far…

Bongzilla TokermonKingbong TokermonChronick TokermonJointz TokermonStinky TokermonHookah TokermonMunch TokermonCottonmouth TokermonFattie TokermonVapesterClipperwaxxerWaysted Tokermonmini buzzDozer TokemonHoovee TokermonHyppie TokermonSpiner TokermonDollop TokermonBonghawk TokermonQuifford TokermonStench TokermonLeekie TokermonFunnelhead TokermonHappipillarCappy TokermonRasttail TokermonBilldozer TokermonYawnzie TokermonSlinkle TokermonPoleman TokermonPiney TokermonJellafish TokermonValcro TokermonSudds Tokermon
…many, many more to come…